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Introducing Code Liama: Meta’s Competitor to GitHub CoPilot

AI code generators are becoming increasingly popular, with AI being used to generate code more and more. GitHub CoPilot and other AI generators are already being utilized by businesses and individual developers to enhance their coding speed, efficiency, and security. Meta, formerly known as Facebook, has also entered the AI code generation market with Code Liama, their new product.

In their press release, Meta states that they are releasing three versions of Code Liama, each with different parameters (7B, 13B, and 34B). These models are trained with a massive 500B tokens of code and code-related data. The smaller 7B and 13B models come equipped with fill-in-the-middle (FIM) capability, enabling them to insert code into existing code, enabling support for tasks such as code completion right out of the box. The 34B model provides the best results and offers more comprehensive coding assistance, while the smaller models are faster and more suitable for low-latency tasks like real-time code completion.

Additionally, Meta has fine-tuned two variations of Code Liama, namely Code Liama – Python and Code Liama – Instruct.

So, what exactly is Code Liama?

Code Liama is an open-source AI tool developed by Meta AI. It is built upon Meta’s Llama 2 software, which is a large-language model capable of understanding and producing conversational text. Code Liama can generate code in multiple programming languages, including Python, Java, JavaScript, C#, C++, Bash, and more. It can even generate documentation, test cases, and other code-related artifacts.

Although Code Liama is still in the development phase, it has the potential to bring about a revolution in software development. It could simplify and expedite the coding process for developers and contribute to reducing software bugs.

Let’s take a look at some of the capabilities of Code Liama:

  • Generate code from natural language descriptions: You can simply describe what you want the code to do, and Code Liama will generate the corresponding code for you.
  • Complete code snippets: If you find yourself stuck on a certain piece of code, Code Liama can suggest possible completions for you.
  • Fix bugs in code: Code Liama can identify and fix common bugs in your code.
  • Generate code documentation: Code Liama is capable of generating documentation, including descriptions of functions and classes.
  • Generate test cases: Code Liama can generate test cases to ensure that your code is working correctly.

Code Liama is a powerful tool that has the potential to significantly impact software development. Although still in development, some developers are already utilizing it to improve their productivity.

The code generated by Code Liama:

def code_liama():
  print("Code Liama is an open-source code-generating AI tool developed by Meta AI.")
  print("It is based on Meta's Llama 2 software, a large-language model capable of understanding and producing conversational text.")
  print("Code Liama can generate code in a variety of programming languages, including Python, Java, JavaScript, and C++.")
  print("It can also generate documentation, test cases, and other code-related artifacts.")


Code Liama supports a wide range of programming languages, including Python, Java, JavaScript, C#, C++, Bash, and more. Additionally, Code Liama can be trained on a specific programming language to generate code more accurately for that language.

The accuracy of Code Liama depends on the complexity of the code and the programming language. Generally, Code Liama performs better with simpler code and continues to improve over time as it learns from more data.

To use Code Liama, you can find it as an open-source project on GitHub. You will need to install the necessary dependencies and run the Code Liama command-line tool.

As Code Liama is still under development, it does have some limitations. It may occasionally generate incorrect code, and it may not always produce the most efficient or idiomatic code.

By utilizing Code Liama, developers can experience numerous potential benefits. It can streamline the coding process, increase speed, and reduce the number of software bugs. Furthermore, Code Liama can automate certain tasks like code generation and documentation.

In summary, Code Liama is Meta’s venture into the AI code generation market. It offers exciting potential, but the question remains: will you trust Meta to write your code?

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