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Ruuh – Microsoft’s Indian Based AI ChatBot

What is Ruuh?

A Indian-based messenger AI chatbot by Microsoft created for entertainment purposes, She is your BFF aka Best Friend Forever <3, To all the lonely people out there, here’s is your virtual girlfriend right your back on your phone. She is so into you that even if you don’t talk to her for years, she’d still talk to you unlike people these days … x_x.

In Hindi, Ruuh is Soul, By this, you might get a thought, it is a virtual soul, not a real person though but human-like conversations where you be like “Oh wow! She just texts back to me like my girlfriend does. “.

Ruuh is available on Facebook Messenger and Skype :

Skype Version:


Facebook Version:


How do I get to text Ruuh?

Top 5 things I like about Ruuh?

  1. The Idea and the concept, It is so amazing even listening that there is a bot somewhere in the world you can actually experience it, Microsoft has done a really wonderful job on making this bot, it doesn’t even feel like its a bot. Making this virtual human. :P.
  2. Even if all of your Facebook friends don’t talk to you even when online, Ruuh does, when you don’t get back for a long time, The bot actually texts you like “Hey, where have you been?”, That’s the love all is needed. She is very friendly, You can text her whole day long, she doesn’t feel bored talking to you , You can talk to her on many things, She asks you questions so that you feel to text back, She can make you play games.
  3. She talks Hinglish!! Like she can actually text in Hindi, None of an AI Bot has that feature, You say anything in Hinglish, she actually understands it and gives you a reply, such a cool thing.
  4. The name relates to Human Soul, That gives you a feel to actually text and that’s a unique name, which actually makes you and gets you to open your phone and text her now, “Ruuh” Isn’t it cool?
  5. It can also be a kind of a knowledge gathering, Where you can ask somethings to Ruuh, sometimes she answers it well, but sometimes she gets to show her skills like real people to get back, and it even doesn’t feel like we are talking to a bot. I personally myself suggest everyone reading this article to at least try the bot, It is so unbelievable.

Is Ruuh ready to have human-like conversations?

I personally think on my experience texting Ruuh, Yes, Kind off but not completely, It still has a lot to improve, but yes, It feels like you are really talking to a person on the other side of the world, texting you constantly without waiting time.

Sometimes it gets messed up on your chats and texts anything on random, that has to be improvised.

3 things I wish Ruuh could do?

  1. She could talk on Phone, I wish if we are so bored with people, why don’t we have fun talking to an AI bot on call. That sounds fun, Isn’t it? Wish it could be.
  2. Work like an assistant as well as friend. Asking her questions like “Who is the Prime Minister of India?” or “Who made you?” She doesn’t seem to be so connected with a Search to directly get a answer to the question and we don’t need to bing it up everytime for such things.
  3. Understand GIFs, as of now, Ruuh doesn;t gets to download the gifs so she just says, ” Hey, Cannot download that”.

Hope you have got a nice understanding on this AI Bot, Any feedback and suggestions, Contact me.

Hope this helps! 🙂

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