What is Microsoft Azure and Why Use It?

An In-Depth verify the Cloud Services Platform from Microsoft

Today many businesses still have real issues concerning migrating applications to the cloud. Fears concerning network security, available, and potential period of time swirl through the heads of chief call manufacturers, typically paralyzing organizations into standing pat on existing tech— although it’s aging by the minute.

Enter Microsoft Azure, the trade leader’s answer for progressing to a partly or entirely cloud-based design. Below could be a elaborate verify what Azure is, the facility of partnering with Microsoft for a cloud or hybrid cloud answer, and also the best thanks to get full and unjust visibility into your mass logs and infrastructure metrics therefore your organization will react quickly to opportunities.

What is Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft has leveraged its constantly-expanding worldwide network of information centers to form Azure, a cloud platform for building, deploying, and managing services and applications, anywhere. Azure enables you add cloud capabilities to your existing network through its platform as a service (PaaS) model, or entrust Microsoft with all of your computing and network desires with Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). Either possibility provides secure, reliable access to your cloud hosted data—one engineered on Microsoft’s tried design. Azure provides associate ever increasing array of product and services designed to fulfill all of your desires through one convenient, straightforward to manage platform. Below are just a few of the capabilities Microsoft offers through Azure and tips for decisive if the Microsoft cloud is that the right alternative for your organization.

What will Microsoft Azure Do?

Microsoft maintains a growing directory of Azure services, with additional being adventitious all the time. All the weather necessary to make a virtual network and deliver services or applications to a world audience are offered, including:

  • Virtual machines. Produce Microsoft or Linux virtual machines (VMs) in exactly minutes from a good choice of marketplace templates or from your own custom machine pictures. These cloud-based VMs can host your apps and services as if they resided in your own knowledge center.
  • SQL databases. Azure offers managed SQL relative databases, from one to a vast range, as a service.This saves you overhead and expenses on hardware, software, and also the want for in-house experience.
  • Azure Active Directory Domain services. Engineered on an equivalent tried technology as Windows Active Directory, this service for Azure enables you to remotely manage cluster policy, authentication, and everything else. This makes moving and existing security structure partly or entirely to the cloud as straightforward as a number of clicks.
  • Application services. With Azure it’s easier than ever to form and globally deploy applications that are compatible on all in style internet and transportable platforms. Reliable, scalable cloud access enables you to respond quickly to your business’s ebb and flow, saving time and cash. With the introduction of Azure Web Apps to the Azure Marketplace, it’s easier than ever to manage production, testing and readying of internet applications that scale as quickly as your business. Rebuilt arthropod genus for in style cloud services like workplace 365, Sales force and additional greatly accelerate development.
  • Visual Studio team services. Associate add-on service offered underneath Azure, Visual Studio team services supply an entire application life cycle management (ALM) answer within the Microsoft cloud. Developers will share and track code changes, perform load testing, and deliver applications to production whereas collaborating in Azure from everywhere the globe. Visual Studio team services modify development and delivery for big firms or new ones building a service portfolio.
  • Storage. Figure Microsoft’s world infrastructure to supply safe, extremely accessible knowledge storage. With huge quantifiable associated an intelligent valuation structure that enables you to store sometimes accessed knowledge at a large savings, building a secure and cost-efficient storage set up is straightforward in Microsoft Azure.

Why are folks trusting their workloads to Microsoft Azure?

It’s been aforementioned that the on-premise knowledge center has no future. Like mainframes and dial-up modems before them, self-hosted knowledge centers are getting obsolete, being replaced by progressively offered and reasonable cloud solutions. many necessary players have emerged within the cloud service sphere, together with Amazon internet Services (AWS), perennial computing large IBM, and Apple’s present iCloud, that holds the image recollections and song preferences of many several smartphone users, among different knowledge. With such a large amount of choices, why are firms like 3M, BMW, and GE moving workloads to Microsoft Azure? Just a few of the reasons:

  • Flexibility. With Microsoft Azure you’ll spin up new services and geometrically scale your knowledge storage capabilities on the fly. Compare this to a static knowledge center, which might need new hardware and OS buying, provisioning, and readying before further power may well be delivered to bear against your IT challenges. This contemporary flexibility makes Azure a tempting answer for organizations of any size.
  • Cost. Azure solutions don’t simply create it quicker and easier to feature and scale infrastructure, they create it cheaper. Physical services and infrastructure devices like routers, load balancers and additional quickly add up to thousands or maybe many thousands of greenbacks. Then there’s the IT experience needed to run this instrumentality, that amounts to major payroll overhead. By investing Microsoft’s huge infrastructure and experience, Azure will trim our annual IT budget by head-turning percentages.
  • Applications. With a la bill of fare service offerings like Visual Studio Team Services, Visual Studio Application Insights, and Azure’s scalable , on-demand storage for each ofttimes accessed and ‘cold’ knowledge, Microsoft makes developing and testing mission-critical apps a snap. Move associate application from check to production mode on the fly across a globally distributed network. Microsoft conjointly offers substantial licensing discounts for migrating their existing apps to Azure, that represents even additional chance for savings.
  • Disaster recovery. Typically the inconceivable becomes the terribly immediate reality. Another advantage of Microsoft Azure lay in its high-speed and geographically suburbanite infrastructure, that creates limitless choices for disaster recovery plans. Make sure that your important application and knowledge will run from redundant sites throughout recovery periods that last minutes or hours rather than days. Lost time is lost business, and with Azure you’ll guarantee continuous service delivery even once disaster strikes.
  • The combination of Microsoft’s Brobdingnagian infrastructure, constant application and services development, and powerful presence within the world IT marketplace has created Microsoft Azure solutions the selection of simple fraction of the world’s Fortune five hundred firms. However the infinite quantifiable of Azure will create it even as right for your tiny affairs.

Logging capabilities among Microsoft Azure

The secret gold mine of any infrastructure and repair answer is current operational and security visibility, and ultimately these comes all the way down to extracting important log and infrastructure metrics from the applying and underlying stack. the shortage of this visibility is like flying a plane blind—no one will it. Azure comes with integrated health observance and alert capabilities therefore you’ll understand in an immediate if performance problems or outages are impacting your business. Set good alert levels for events from:

  • Azure diagnostic infrastructure logs. Get current insights into however your cloud network is activity and take action to resolve slow downs, bottlenecks, or service failures.
  • Windows IIS logs. Read activity on your virtual internet servers and answer traffic patterns or log-in anomalies with the info Azure gathers on IIS seven.
  • Crash dumps. Even virtual machines will ‘blue screen’ and different virtual instrumentality crashes will majorly disrupt your operations. With Microsoft Azure you’ll record crash dump knowledge and troubleshoot to avoid repeat issues.
  • Custom error logs. Set Azure alerts to tell you concerning outlined error events. This is often particularly useful once hosting non-public applications that generate internal intelligence concerning operations, therefore you’ll add these errors to the health list Azure maintains concerning your network.

Microsoft Azure provides you the essential tools you would like for error work and observance, medicine, and troubleshooting to confirm continuous service delivery in your Azure cloud atmosphere.

Gain Full Visibility into Azure with the Unified Logs and Metrics

Even with Azure’s native work and analytics tools, the Brobdingnagian quantity of information flowing to form your network and applications operate may be overwhelming. The volume, selection and speed of cloud knowledge mustn’t be underestimated. With the assistance of wrestling Logic, a trusty Microsoft partner, management of that knowledge is straightforward.

The wrestling Logic platform unifies logs and metrics from the structured, semi-structured, and unstructured knowledge across your entire Microsoft atmosphere. Machine learning algorithms method Brobdingnag amounts of log and metrics knowledge, searching for anomalies and deviations from traditional patterns of activity, alerting you once acceptable.

With Log cut back, Log Compare and Outlier Detection, extract continuous intelligence from your application stack and proactively answer operational and security problems.

The wrestling Logic apps for Microsoft Azure Audit, Microsoft Azure internet Apps, Microsoft Windows Server Active Directory, Microsoft web data Services (IIS), and also the in style Windows Performance app, create ingesting machine knowledge in time period and rendering it into clear, interactive visualizations for an entire image of your applications and knowledge.

Before long the on-premise knowledge center—along with its valuable hardware and hordes of native technicians on the payroll—may be lost to technology’s cemetery. But smart, researched investment into cloud capabilities like those provided in Microsoft Azure can create facing tomorrow’s daring technology challenges and possibilities relatively painless.

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