Exploring Azure SQL Databases with Databricks Spark Cluster

Today, we’ll walk through the process of setting up an Azure Databricks Spark Cluster and running queries on Azure SQL DB using the JDBC driver. Additionally, we’ll save a table of data from SQL to a CSV file.

Step 1: Setting up Azure Databricks workspace

Azure Databricks, built in collaboration with the original creators of Apache Spark, offers a powerful and collaborative analytics platform optimized for Azure. To begin, log in to the Azure Portal and create a new Azure Databricks resource under Analytics in the Azure marketplace.

After setting up your Databricks workspace, you can create a Spark Cluster where you can perform various data analytics tasks.

Step 2: Creating an Azure SQL Database

Next, we create an Azure SQL Database to interact with in our Spark Cluster. Select a database server, configure the pricing tier, and create the database.

Microsoft now provides a Query Editor for viewing and updating data in Azure SQL Databases, enhancing the traditional SSMS experience.

Step 3: Querying SQL data in Databricks Spark cluster

Connect to the SQL database using JDBC in a Scala Notebook within Databricks. Execute commands to set up JDBC connectivity, define JDBC URLs, and query data from the SQL database.

Analyzing the queried data structure and values in the Spark Cluster further enhances data exploration.

Step 4: Saving the queried data as a CSV file

Save the retrieved data as a CSV file by mounting the storage account with DBFS, Databricks’ custom filesystem. Utilize commands to mount the storage account, write the data to a CSV file, and validate the saved data in Azure Storage Explorer.

Lastly, read the CSV data back into Databricks using a data frame and verify the saved CSV file contents.

This journey through setting up Azure Databricks, configuring a Spark Cluster, querying Azure SQL Databases, and saving data as CSV showcases the seamless integration and capabilities of these Azure services working in harmony.

Experience the power of Databricks in action and unleash the potential of your data analytics projects!

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