Investigate Root Cause for Latency with Azure App Insights

# Unveiling the Secret to Slow Performance Issues with Azure Application Insights

Are you tired of dealing with performance slowdowns that impact your end users’ experiences? Fear not, as Skrots is here to guide you on how to unravel the root cause of latency using Azure Monitor – Application Insights.

To begin your investigation, let’s dive into the Performance section of your Application Insights instance. By navigating to the Performance blade, you can start analyzing the data to uncover any performance bottlenecks causing delays.

Next, consider applying filters to narrow down the dataset further, making it easier to identify and address specific issues affecting performance.

For a more in-depth analysis, it’s recommended to focus on the 99th percentile performance metric. This approach will help you pinpoint outliers and areas of concern that may be contributing to latency problems.

By adjusting the time range and closely examining individual instances of performance issues, you can gain valuable insights into the root cause of latency. The DELTA metric shows the variance between selected data points and other transactions within the given timeframe.

The Insights tile within Application Insights provides a detailed breakdown of methods that are causing latency spikes. By identifying these key methods, you can prioritize optimizing them to enhance overall performance.

To further narrow down your investigation, utilize the Distribution of Durations tile to isolate incidents with the poorest performance. This detailed analysis will help you focus on specific areas that require immediate attention.

By following these steps and leveraging the insights provided by Azure Application Insights, you can pinpoint the root cause of latency issues and take corrective actions to improve performance for your end users.

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