How To Redeem Azure Pass?

In this article, we’ll learn to redeem Azure Pass. There are many ways to access the features in Azure. First is authenticating with Debit or Credit Card which will provide 12 months of free access for Popular services and 40 different services which are always free. Moreover, we can get provided with $200 worth of Azure credit for the first month to use different Azure Services.

For students, we have Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors access to explore Azure previously known as Microsoft Student Partner until 2020. Besides, we can also use sandbox from Microsoft Learn platform to access different services in Azure.

Beyond this all, if we want to use some features for exploring beyond available from Sandbox and learning purposes without any authentication of Credit Card, we can attend various Bootcamps organized by Microsoft Certified Trainers. During such bootcamps, we can obtain a Microsoft Azure Pass which we can utilize within a time and usage limit. Once we get the Azure Pass, how do we redeem it to use enhanced features of Azure? Let’s learn ahead.

Step 1

First of all, make sure you have the Microsoft Azure Pass. Once you have it, visit the Microsoft Azure Pass Website

Step 2

Click on Start. Now Sign in with the account you attained the Azure Pass for.

Step 3

Click on Confirm Microsoft Account once you make sure the details are correct.

Step 4

Add your Promo Code here and Click on Claim Promo Code.

Step 5

The request will now be processed and as it is validated, we sign in with the account again.


Step 6

Click on Send Code for two-factor authentication code to be received via email id.

Fill in the Code and Sign in.

Step 7

Now, we’ll be welcomed to fill our details on the Profile page. Here, your name, email address, and your phone no will not be editable.

Add your Address, City and Postal Code.

Finally, Read the Agreement and Tick the boxes.

Step 8

You can now Sign up. Your account setup process will now begin.

Step 9

Now, visit the Azure Portal and check the Subscriptions.

We can see here, Azure Pass – Sponsorship Subscription has been added.

Step 10

We can finally check in the Microsoft Azure Pass Website to assure the Azure Pass has been validated and Credit amount has been loaded for usage in the Subscription Account.


Thus, in this article, we learn to redeem the Microsoft Azure Pass. By using the Azure pass, we can load USD credit to our Subscription in Azure which will enable us to learn and dive into different functionalities and features offered by Microsoft Azure.

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