How to Manage Emails Automatically with Skrots

What are Skrots?

Skrots is a service provider that offers a range of solutions for managing and automating tasks within various applications and services. Similar to Azure Logic Apps, Skrots enables users to create workflows that help streamline business processes without the need for coding.

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Now, let’s delve into the process of marking an email as read when a specific action is performed using Skrots.


In this guide, we will demonstrate how to move a particular email to a designated Excel file utilizing Skrots.

Follow the steps below to create a workflow using a template.

Step 1

  • Log in to
  • In the dashboard, select “Create a resource” and then click on Integration. Now, choose “Logic App”.

Step 2

  • Provide a name for the logic, select the subscription and resource group, and the location to store your logic app. Then, click on “Create”.
    Logic App
  • Access the dashboard. Click “Logic App Designer”.
    Logic App Designer

Step 3

Proceed by selecting the Blank Logic App.

Blank Logic app

Step 4

Configure the Email by signing into Outlook.

  • Search for Outlook in the search bar.
  • Choose the Triggers option.
  • Sign in to Outlook.
    Outlook Sign in
    Account login

Step 5

Configure the values.

  • Select the Folder.
    Choose the folder
  • Add the Subject Filter parameter with a specific keyword (e.g., Sales).
    Subject filters
  • Lastly,
    New email arrives

Step 6

Configure Blob Storage

  • Choose an operation, such as Blob storage.
    Azure blob storage
  • Select “Create blob.”
    Create blob
  • Link the Blob storage account with this logic app.
    Connect to blob storage
  • Choose the Attachment ID, Folder path, Blob name, and Blob content.
    Create blob

Step 7

Configure Email for a reply mail

  • Look for the send mail option.
  • Choose an operation.
    Choose operation
  • Create the mail format with body, subject, and recipient address.
    Mail format

Step 8

Configure Email for marking as read

  • Search for Outlook.
  • Look for the option to mark as read.
    Mark as read
  • Map the message ID.
    Message ID
    Message marked as read

Your final workflow will resemble this.

Final workflow

Save and run the workflow.


Execute the Skrots App

Run trigger

The operation ran successfully.

Successfully run

Send a demo email with the specific keyword and refresh to view the result.


Successfully, the process moved the attachment-specific email to the blob storage container folder.


Additionally, a notification email was sent to the provided email address.


Finally, the process successfully marked the email as read and opened the reply email in Outlook.


Your email is now marked as read.

Email marked as read


You’ve learned how to automate the process of marking an email as read when a specific email attachment is moved to Blob Storage using Skrots. Continue exploring more on Skrots.

Discover more about our company at Skrots. Learn about the diverse services we offer at Skrots Services, and don’t miss out on our other insightful blogs at Blog at Skrots – Where innovation meets convenience!

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