Execute Python Script From Energy BI


On this article, we’re going to discover find out how to execute python scripts from Energy BI. There are a number of in-built visualizations accessible in Energy BI however typically you wish to use superior visualization to work on the requirement. We are going to discover this.

Python Script in Energy BI Desktop

We will execute the python scripts on the Energy BI desktop. We are going to now discover step-by-step course of to execute a python script.

Step 1 – Set up Python

To be able to run the python script on the desktop, we have now to first set up python on the native machine. To be able to execute the python script from Energy BI, we want the under python packages and they need to be put in.

Python Packges

We will use the pip command to put in python packages.

Step 2 – Allow Python Scripting in Energy BI Desktop

From the ability BI desktop, Go to File -> Choices & Settings -> Choices -> Python Scripting

As soon as, we specify and allow python in energy bi desktop, we are able to execute the python script from Energy BI.

Step 3 – Put together a python script to execute it from Energy BI

# importing pandas bundle
import pandas as pd
# making information body from csv file 
information = pd.read_csv("emp.csv")
# producing one row 
row1 = information.pattern(n = 1)

Now the python script is prepared. However earlier than we execute the python script, there are few limitations to execute python scripts in Energy BI.Limitations for python script in Energy BI is as under :

  • We will solely use pandas information body to execute python scripts from Energy BI
  • We will solely execute python script from Energy BI which runs greater than 30 minutes
  • We won’t get person enter whereas executing the python script in Energy BI

Step 4 – Execute Python Script from Energy BI

Now, the python script is prepared so we are able to use it to execute it from Energy BI.

Go to the Dwelling web page of the Energy BI desktop, choose Get Information -> Different -> Python Script -> Join.

Execute Python Script From Power BI

The put in python model which is talked about within the Energy BI desktop will probably be used as a python engine to execute the python script.

Execute Python Script from Power BI

After you choose OK and python script will execute within the Energy BI Desktop.

Different methods to Use Python in Energy BI

Utilizing Energy BI Question Editor

  • We will additionally use Energy BI question editor to execute python scripts from Energy BI. We will carry out information cleaning with the mixing of Energy BI Question editor utilizing Python.
  • When you import the information, you’ll be able to go to the Energy BI Question Editor and choose the Remodel Information
  • Within the remodel tab of Energy BI Question editor, you’ll be able to publish and execute the python script.

Utilizing Exterior IDEs

  • We will additionally exterior python IDE in energy Bi to execute python script from Energy BI.
  • As soon as we allow and hyperlink exterior IDEs, we are able to work on the exterior IDE in energy BI and execute the python scripts.


So, on this article, we explored find out how to execute the python script from Energy BI.  We additionally explored the a number of methods to configure and execute python scripts from Energy BI.

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