Alert on Safely Saving Email Attachment to Blob Storage Account

Azure Logic Apps

Azure Logic Apps provide a convenient way to automate business processes by allowing users to create workflows that connect different applications and services without the need for coding. It enables reacting to an event in one service and taking action based on that event in another service. By connecting business-critical apps and services with Azure Logic Apps, workflows can be automated efficiently.

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Here, we will demonstrate how to move a specific email attachment to a particular Excel file using Azure Logic App.

Follow these steps to create a workflow using a template.

Step 1

  • Log in to
  • In the dashboard, select “create a resource” and click on Integration. Then, choose “Logic App”.

Step 2

  • Provide a name for the logic, select the subscription, resource group, and location, then click on “Create”.
    Logic App
  • Access the dashboard and click “Logic App Designer”.
    Logic app designer

Step 3

Select the Blank Logic App.


Step 4

Configure the Email by signing in to Outlook.

  • Look for Outlook in the search bar.
  • Choose the Triggers.
  • Sign in to Outlook.
    Outlook sign in

Step 5

Set the values.

  • Choose the Folder.
    Choose the folder
  • Add the Subject Filter parameter with a specific keyword (e.g., Sales).
    Parameter subject
  • Lastly,

Step 6

Set up Blob Storage.

  • Choose an operation like Blob storage.
    Azure blob storage
  • Select to create a blob.
    Create blob
  • Connect the Blob storage account with this logic app.
  • Then, specify the Attachment ID, Folder path, Blob name, and Blob content.
    Create blob

Step 7

Configure Email for the reply mail.

  • Search for send a mail
  • Choose an operation
    Choose operation
  • Create the mail format with body, subject, and To address
    Construct the mail

Step 8

The final workflow will look like this.

Final workflow

Next, save and run the workflow.


Execute the Logic App.

Run trigger

The process runs successfully.

Successfully run

Send a demo email with a specific keyword and refresh to view the outcome.

Send email

Successfully, the attachment-specific email has been moved to the blob storage container folder.


Additionally, a notification email has been sent to the specified email ID.


Lastly, the reply email opens up successfully in Outlook.



Understanding how to receive notifications when a specific email attachment is transferred to Blob Storage using Azure Logic App has been explained. Stay updated for more articles related to Logic App.

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