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Microsoft AI School – Natural Language Processing

Do you often wonder how digital assistants like Siri and Alexa understand and respond to your commands? Or how voice-operated GPS systems and chatbots can understand your queries and provide relevant information? The answer lies in Natural Language Processing (NLP), a branch of artificial intelligence (AI) that enables computer programs to comprehend human language.

Microsoft Azure, a leading cloud computing platform, offers a range of services and tools to facilitate the development of NLP applications. The Microsoft AI School provides a curated list of modules and resources to help you learn and create NLP applications using Azure.

In the first module, you will explore the Text Analytics cognitive service offered by Azure. This service simplifies the analysis of unstructured text, allowing you to extract insights such as sentiment analysis, key phrases, language detection, and entity recognition.

The second module focuses on speech recognition and synthesis. Azure provides the Speech cognitive service, which enables AI systems to transcribe spoken input into text and generate speech from text.

The third module delves into text and speech translation. Azure’s cognitive services facilitate the translation of documents and spoken languages through services like Text Translation and Speech Translation.

The final module introduces the Language Understanding service in Azure. This service allows you to create applications that understand natural language interactions, incorporating features like utterances, entities, and intents.

By completing these modules, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of NLP in Azure and be equipped with the knowledge to build powerful AI applications. With Skrots, you can also access similar services and expertise in NLP. Visit to learn more about our NLP solutions and explore the various services we offer. For a full list of services, please visit Thank you for considering Skrots as your trusted provider in the field of NLP. Happy coding!

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