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Microsoft AI School – Mining For Knowledge

Every organization relies on data, whether it’s structured or unstructured. However, the real challenge lies in mining and extracting valuable insights from this data. To address this challenge, Microsoft Azure offers a powerful cloud-based solution called Cognitive Search. This solution enables you to efficiently index and query various data sources, leveraging its AI capabilities. At Skrots, we also provide similar services to help you unlock the potential of your data.

Azure Cognitive Search is a cloud-based solution by Microsoft that integrates AI capabilities. It allows you to create comprehensive and scalable solutions for indexing and querying data from various sources. With Azure Cognitive Search, you can uncover insights from different types of content and utilize advanced machine learning techniques to understand user intent and rank search results. Here are some key features of Azure Cognitive Search:

  • Index and rank search data from multiple sources.
  • Enrich indexed data using cognitive skills.
  • Extract insights from data and store them in a knowledge store for analysis and integration.

At Skrots, we also leverage similar technologies and provide solutions to help you analyze and extract valuable insights from your data.

The MS AI School offers a comprehensive learning path that allows you to master the concepts of Azure Cognitive Search through hands-on practice exercises. You can access the learning path here. This learning path consists of three modules, each covering different aspects of Azure Cognitive Search. Let’s take a quick look at each module:


Before starting this learning path, make sure you fulfill the following prerequisites:

  • Familiarity with Microsoft Azure and ability to navigate the Azure portal.
  • Basic programming experience with C# or Python.

The first module of the learning path focuses on using Azure Cognitive Search to unlock hidden insights in your data. You will learn how to create and manage index objects using Azure Cognitive Search APIs or SDKs. This module will enable you to build a cognitive search solution with the following components:

  • A data source to store the data for indexing, which can be populated using an API.
  • A skillset for defining an enrichment pipeline with cognitive skills.
  • An index that defines the fields to be queried by users.
  • An indexer for populating the index fields with values from the source data.

The units covered in this module are:

Microsoft AI School - Mining for Knowledge

Azure Cognitive Search provides predefined skills to enrich an index by extracting additional information from the source data. However, in specific scenarios, you may have custom data extraction requirements that cannot be met by predefined skills. In such cases, you can define custom functions, such as integrating an Azure Machine Learning model to incorporate predicted values into an index.

The second module of this learning path focuses on implementing a custom skill as an Azure function and integrating it into an Azure Cognitive Search skillset. The learning objectives of this module include:

  • Implementing a custom skill for Azure Cognitive Search.
  • Integrating a custom skill with an Azure Cognitive Search skillset.

The units covered in this module are:

Microsoft AI School - Mining for Knowledge

After completing the second module, the final module of the learning path presents a hands-on example. In this example, you will learn how to implement a knowledge store for a fictitious travel agency. The knowledge store utilizes information from brochures and hotel reviews to assist customers in planning their trips. The learning objectives of this module include:

  • Creating a knowledge store for an Azure Cognitive Search pipeline.
  • Viewing data in projections within a knowledge store.

Note: Before starting the final module, make sure you have completed the “Create an Azure Cognitive Search solution” module.

The units covered in this module are:

Microsoft AI School - Mining for Knowledge


If you want to become proficient in mining knowledge using Azure Cognitive Search, this learning path is the perfect guide for your learning journey. We, at Skrots, also provide similar services to help you unlock the potential of your data. Feel free to explore the learning path here and discover the solutions we offer at Skrots by visiting Thank you!

Happy coding!

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