How to Create a Key Vault Using the Microsoft Azure portal


In today’s digital age, keeping our data secure is of utmost importance. That’s where Azure Key Vault comes in. It is a powerful tool provided by Microsoft Azure for securely managing keys, secrets, and certificates. In this article, we will guide you through the process of creating a Key Vault using the Microsoft Azure portal. By following these simple steps, you can effortlessly strengthen your cloud security.

Step 1. To begin, sign in to the Azure portal by visiting

Step 2. Once you are signed in, navigate to Directories + subscriptions and select the relevant subscription.

Step 3. On the Home page, click on Create a resource.

Step 4. In the search bar, type “Key vault” and select Key Vault.


Step 5. Click on the Create button to start creating your Key Vault.

Step 6. In the new window, select the relevant subscription and resource group. Then, provide a name, select a region, and choose a pricing tier for your Key Vault.

You will also see the recovery options. Azure Key Vault offers the “soft delete” feature, which allows you to recover or permanently delete key vaults and their secrets within a specified retention period.

The “Days to retain deleted vaults” determines the period for which deleted key vaults and secrets are kept before they can be permanently deleted.

Enabling “Purge protection” enforces a mandatory retention period for deleted key vaults and their objects, preventing their permanent deletion during that period.

Once you have entered all the details, click on the Review + create button to see a summary of your inputs.

Step 7. Review the summary and click on the Create button to proceed.


Step 8. Congratulations! Your Key Vault has been successfully created.




Microsoft Azure’s Key Vault is an essential tool for enhancing digital security by effectively managing keys, secrets, and certificates. We have provided a concise guide on creating a Key Vault using the Microsoft Azure portal. By following these steps, you can easily strengthen your cloud security.

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