Uploading Files from a Git Repository to Azure Storage Using Azure CLI


In the era of cloud computing, efficient data storage and management are essential for modern applications. Microsoft Azure provides Azure Storage, a scalable, secure, and reliable solution for storing various types of data, including files. This article will walk you through the process of uploading files from a Git repository to Azure Storage using the Azure Command-Line Interface (CLI). This convenient workflow is particularly useful for scenarios where you need to share, back up, or distribute files stored in a Git repository to Azure Storage for easy access and management.


  1. An Azure account
  2. Azure CLI installed on your local machine
  3. A Git repository with the files you want to upload

Step 1: Authentication and Azure CLI Setup

Before you start, make sure you are authenticated with your Azure account using the following command:

az login

Step 2: Create an Azure Storage Account

If you don’t already have an Azure Storage account, create one with the following command:

az storage account create --name <storage_account_name> --resource-group <resource_group_name> --location <location> --sku Standard_LRS

Replace the placeholders with appropriate values for <storage_account_name>, <resource_group_name>, and <location>.

Step 3: Obtain the Storage Account Connection String

Retrieve the connection string for your storage account. You will need this to authenticate when uploading files.

az storage account show-connection-string --name <storage_account_name> --resource-group <resource_group_name> --output tsv

Step 4: Clone Git Repository and Navigate

Clone your Git repository to your local machine and navigate to the directory that contains the files you want to upload.

Step 5: Upload Files to Azure Storage

Execute the following command to upload the files from the Git repository to Azure Storage:

az storage blob upload-batch --source . --destination <container_name> --destination-path <destination_folder_path> --account-name <storage_account_name> --sas-token "<connection_string>"

Replace the placeholders with the actual values for <container_name>, <destination_folder_path>, <storage_account_name>, and <connection_string>. The --source . flag specifies the current directory as the source for the upload.

Step 6: Access Uploaded Files

Once the upload is complete, you can access the uploaded files using their URLs in the following format:



Uploading files from a Git repository to Azure Storage using the Azure CLI offers a seamless way to manage and share your data across cloud services. This process allows you to leverage the power of Azure’s scalable and reliable storage infrastructure while benefiting from the version control and collaboration capabilities of Git. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can easily integrate your development workflow with cloud storage, streamlining your data management process.

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