Merge Multiple JSON files via Synapse / Data Factory Pipelines

Problem Statement

In today’s world, when many log files or data from Paginated APIs are generated as individual files, it becomes a challenge to process them separately. Would it not be great if there was a way to consume and process a final single file instead of multiple individual files? JSON, being a widely used technology in software development, let’s take JSON files as an example in our use case.


  1. Azure Data Factory / Synapse
  2. Azure Blob Storage


In this solution, we will merge three JSON files stored in Azure Blob storage.



JSON File 2

2. To merge the JSON files, we will utilize the Synapse/ADF Copy Activity task.

a) Source Settings

Copy Data

Source dataset

The source dataset will be of type JSON, with the Azure blob storage container containing individual files.

JSON Files

b) Sink settings

Merge JSON Files

Sink dataset

File Sink



Merged file

Merged Files

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