Identifying the Count of Activities within a Pipeline in an Azure Data Factory

Problem Statement

Have you ever encountered the limitation in Azure Data Factory V2 where you can only add 40 activities within a pipeline? If the number of activities exceeds 40, you will receive an error like the one shown below.

Now, how can you get the count of activities within an existing pipeline?


  • Azure Data Factory
  • Powershell


Step 1. To begin, open Powershell in admin mode and import the Azure SDK modules by executing the following commands:

    Import-Module Az.Accounts
    Import-Module Az.DataFactory

Step 2. Next, install the custom module by executing the command below:

    Install-Module -Name AzDataFactoryV2Activities

Step 3. With the environment set up, you can now execute commands to fetch the pipeline details.

To get the list of all pipelines in an Azure Data Factory and their corresponding activity lists and activity counts, use the command:

    Get-AzDataFactoryV2Activities -ResourceGroupName "<<RGName>>" -DataFactoryName "<<ADFName>>"

To get the details of a specific pipeline in an Azure Data Factory and its corresponding activity list and activity count, use the command:

    Get-AzDataFactoryV2Activities -ResourceGroupName "<<RGName>>" -DataFactoryName "<<ADFName>>" -PipelineName "<<PipelineName>>"


  1. Overall Azure Data Factory output.
    ADF Output
  2. Specific Pipeline output.
    Pipeline Output

Using these commands will save you from manually counting the number of activities within your pipelines.

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