How to Retrieve File Details that Trigger Azure Data Factory Pipeline/Synapse via Storage Event Trigger

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Are you facing scenarios where your Azure Data Factory (ADF) or Synapse pipelines need to be triggered whenever a file arrives in a specific blob path? And are you wondering how to capture the details of the file, such as the file name and file path, that led to the pipeline execution?

Don’t worry, we have a solution for you!

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Now, let’s dive into the solution provided in the article:

The Solution

The storage event trigger within Synapse or ADF pipelines captures the folder path and file name of the blob and stores them as properties: @triggerBody().folderPath and @triggerBody().fileName. To make use of these properties in your pipeline, you need to map them to pipeline parameters.

  1. Add parameters to your pipeline, such as FileName and FilePath.

2. Create the Storage Event trigger, and a form will appear as shown below:

Get File details triggering the Azure Data Factory Pipeline / Synapse

Fill in all the necessary details and click on Continue.

3. After validating the details in Data Preview mode, click Continue. A new page will prompt you to provide the parameter values.

Get File details triggering the Azure Data Factory Pipeline / Synapse

By mapping the properties to parameters, you can access the values captured by the trigger using the @pipeline().parameters.parameterName expression throughout your pipeline.

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