Securely Managing Secrets and techniques with Azure Key Vault and Python


On this article, we’ll discover the way to leverage Azure Key Vault to retailer and retrieve secret values utilizing Python. Azure Key Vault is a cloud-based service that permits you to securely retailer and management entry to tokens, passwords, certificates, API keys, and different secrets and techniques. It supplies strong encryption, entry management, and logging capabilities, guaranteeing that your delicate knowledge is protected.

Earlier than we dive into the code, you will have to arrange an Azure Key Vault occasion inside your Azure subscription. This may be carried out via the Azure Portal, Azure CLI, or Azure PowerShell. Throughout the setup course of, you will have to specify a reputation on your Key Vault, select a useful resource group, and configure entry insurance policies to grant permissions to your software or service principal. Upon getting your Azure Key Vault occasion arrange, you should use the Azure Key Vault.

First we have to set up required libraries.

pip set up azure-identity azure-keyvault-secrets

Setup Secret Consumer

from azure.keyvault.secrets and techniques import SecretClient
import os

# Load the service principal credentials
credential = DefaultAzureCredential()

# Create a SecretClient occasion
vault_url = "https://<key-vault-name>"
secret_client = SecretClient(vault_url=vault_url, credential=credential)

Retailer a secret worth

secret_value = "<secret-value>"

# Create or replace the key
secret_name = "<secret-name>"
secret = secret_client.set_secret(title=secret_name, worth=secret_value)
print(f"Secret '{secret_name}' created/up to date with worth '{secret_value}'")

Retrieve a secret worth

# Retrieve the key worth
secret_data = secret_client.get_secret(title=secret_name)
print(f"Retrieved secret '{secret_name}' with worth '{secret_data.worth}'")

Make sure that to exchange <key-vault-name> with the title of your Azure Key Vault occasion and likewise substitute <secret-name> and <secret-value>  with the specified title on your secret and worth.


On this weblog publish, we explored the way to securely retailer and retrieve secret values utilizing Azure Key Vault and Python. Azure Key Vault supplies a sturdy and safe answer for managing delicate data. By leveraging the Azure Key Vault Python library, you possibly can simply combine Key Vault into your Python purposes, streamlining the method of securely managing and accessing your secrets and techniques.

Notice. To authenticate with Azure Key Vault, it’s essential to have the suitable permissions and credentials.

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