Notes from Microsoft Build 2023


Here are my notes from the MS Build 2023 conference in Seattle. I attended several sessions that covered major advancements in the Microsoft Technology stack, transforming the way we work and collaborate.


During the keynote, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella discussed the evolution of computers and the internet over the past five decades. He highlighted how technology has changed the way we work and emphasized the importance of the Co-Pilot stack.

Windows Co-Pilot

Windows 11 introduces the Windows Co-Pilot feature, which allows users to personalize their PCs using natural language commands. You can change themes, install/uninstall programs, and perform other tasks easily. Microsoft 365 Co-Pilot has also been in action, providing personalized widgets and summaries of tasks for users.

Power-Platform Co-Pilot

The Power-Platform Co-Pilot simplifies application development by offering recommendations and sample designs. It allows developers to build solutions quickly without starting from scratch. The Co-Pilot is currently in preview and will be generally available in June.

GitHub Code Spaces

GitHub Code Spaces generates code snippets based on comments, making coding easier and more efficient. The feature is already available with a subscription and supports multiple programming languages.

Azure AI Studio

Azure AI Studio is a comprehensive toolchain for building AI-powered apps. It includes enhancements such as Chat GPT, which uses an Open AI standard RAG pattern for data retrieval, augmentation, and response generation.

Microsoft Fabric

Microsoft Fabric is a data analysis platform that provides real-time analytics. It consists of modules such as Data Factory, Synapse, and Power BI, enabling users to ingest, store, analyze, and visualize data easily.

The Era of Co-Pilot

The Co-Pilot revolutionizes the way we work by synthesizing and summarizing data from various sources. It allows users to customize and extend its functionality using custom plugins. Co-Pilot supports industry-standard authentication and can be used in Power Platform applications as well.

Azure Dev-Boxes

Azure Dev-Boxes are pre-configured machines that provide a ready-to-code environment. They come with all the necessary software and network setup, making it easier to set up development machines for individuals or teams.

Azure Deployment Environment

Azure Deployment Environments facilitate the testing and deployment of applications in real-time environments. They offer templates for setting up CI/CD pipelines and integration with code repositories.

azd CLI

The azd CLI, or Azure Developer CLI, simplifies the process of shipping code from a local environment to Azure. It involves cloning code, adding customizations, setting up CI/CD, and deploying to Azure.

Teams Toolkit

Teams Toolkit V5 for Visual Studio Code has seen improvements, including simplified debugging and built-in features like Adaptive Card Extension. It supports side-loading of plugins and makes app development for Microsoft Teams more accessible.

Semantic Index for Co-Pilot

The Semantic Index for Co-Pilot leverages Microsoft Graph to analyze data and build relationships. It powers the M365 Co-Pilot, enhancing its capabilities and making daily tasks more efficient.

Microsoft Syntex

Microsoft Syntex is an AI-powered content processing tool that understands and classifies data. It can extract key information from various sources, making tasks like generating contract agreements quicker and easier.

Microsoft Mesh

Microsoft Mesh enables interactive and immersive meetings in virtual reality (VR) environments. Users can customize meeting themes and participate via VR devices or the Teams client, adding a sense of presence to remote meetings.

Dev Home for Windows

Dev Home is a control center that simplifies the setup of developer machines. It allows for quick configuration and pre-configuration of required modules and packages, saving time and effort.

Project Silica

Project Silica explores the use of glass storage for data, offering a more cost-effective solution for storing massive amounts of data.

Project Copacetic

Project Copacetic addresses the challenge of applying critical security patches and vulnerabilities to container images. It introduces a CLI tool called ‘copa’ that can patch container images without downtime or rebuilding from scratch.


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