Load Bulk Information to Azure Desk Storage

To load bulk knowledge into Azure Desk Storage utilizing Python, you should utilize the Azure SDK for Python. You will want to put in the azure-cosmosdb-table package deal, which gives the mandatory performance to work together with Azure Desk Storage. You possibly can set up this package deal utilizing pip.

pip set up azure-cosmosdb-table

Here is a pattern Python code that demonstrates how you can bulk-load knowledge into Azure Desk Storage.

from azure.cosmosdb.desk.tableservice import TableService
from azure.cosmosdb.desk.fashions import Entity

# Outline your Azure Storage account identify and account key
account_key = 'your_account_key'

# Initialize the TableService
table_service = TableService(account_name=account_name, account_key=account_key)

# Outline the desk identify

# Outline an inventory of entities to insert into the desk
entities = [
    {'PartitionKey': 'Partition1', 'RowKey': 'Row1', 'Property1': 'Value1'},
    {'PartitionKey': 'Partition1', 'RowKey': 'Row2', 'Property1': 'Value2'},
    {'PartitionKey': 'Partition2', 'RowKey': 'Row3', 'Property1': 'Value3'},
    # Add more entities as needed

# Create the desk if it would not exist (you may skip this step if the desk already exists)

# Bulk insert entities into the desk
for entity_data in entities:
    entity = Entity()
    entity.set('PartitionKey', entity_data['PartitionKey'])
    entity.set('RowKey', entity_data['RowKey'])
    # Set extra properties as wanted
    entity.set('Property1', entity_data['Property1'])
    # Insert the entity into the desk
    table_service.insert_entity(table_name, entity)

print("Bulk knowledge loaded into Azure Desk Storage.")

Ensure to exchange ‘your_account_name’, ‘your_account_key’, ‘your_table_name’, and add extra entities with their properties as wanted. This code initializes the TableService, creates the desk if it would not exist, after which bulk inserts the entities into the desk.

Keep in mind to maintain your account key and different delicate info safe and think about using Azure Managed Identification or different safe strategies for authentication in manufacturing environments.

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