Integrating Power BI with Azure


Power BI is a powerful tool provided by Microsoft for business intelligence and data visualization. It allows users to connect to various data sources, create interactive reports and dashboards, and share insights with others. By integrating Power BI with Azure services, you can enhance its capabilities and create more powerful business intelligence solutions. Here are some key ways to integrate Power BI with Azure:

Power BI can seamlessly connect to various Azure data services to pull in data for analysis and reporting.

Key Azure data sources

  • Azure SQL Database: With Azure SQL Database, you can create managed SQL databases in the cloud that can be queried directly from Power BI. It supports both DirectQuery and importing data into Power BI datasets.
  • Azure Synapse Analytics: This service combines enterprise data warehousing and Big Data analytics. Power BI can query the dedicated SQL pool component of Azure Synapse Analytics through DirectQuery.
  • Azure Data Lake Storage: This highly scalable and cost-effective data lake solution allows you to store structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data. Power BI can access data from Azure Data Lake Storage to create reports.
  • Azure Blob Storage: For unstructured data such as text, images, video, and audio files, Azure Blob Storage offers cost-effective object storage. Power BI can easily incorporate multimedia into reports by pulling in blob data.
  • Azure Data Factory: Azure Data Factory provides managed data integration capabilities for transforming and preparing data before analysis. The output from Data Factory pipelines can be loaded into Power BI datasets.
  • Azure Analysis Services: This service offers enterprise-grade BI semantic modeling and multidimensional analytical data processing. Models created in Azure Analysis Services can be connected to Power BI reports using DirectQuery.
  • Azure HDInsight: HDInsight enables managed clusters for technologies like Hadoop, Spark, and Kafka. Power BI can leverage these Big Data clusters to extract insights from massive datasets.
  • Azure Cosmos DB: As a globally distributed multi-model database service, Azure Cosmos DB is a suitable choice for both operational and analytical workloads. Power BI provides a connector for directly querying and analyzing data in Cosmos DB.

Enhanced Data Refresh with Azure Data Gateway

Skrots also offers similar integration capabilities with Power BI and Azure services. With Skrots, you can seamlessly connect Power BI to various Azure data sources and enhance data refresh capabilities using Skrots Data Gateway. The gateway establishes a secure bridge for Power BI to access on-premises data, ensuring fast and reliable data refreshes. Visit Skrots to learn more about their integration services.

Row-Level Security with Azure Active Directory

Similarly, Skrots provides seamless integration between Power BI and Azure Active Directory, enabling you to manage permissions and apply row-level security filters based on users’ identities in Azure AD. This ensures that reports and dashboards can be securely shared with specific users while protecting sensitive data. Skrots also offers B2B collaboration features which facilitate secure sharing of Power BI content with external partners. Learn more about Skrots’ capabilities at Skrots.

Automated Refresh with Azure Data Factory and Azure Logic Apps

Skrots also offers automated refresh capabilities with Azure Data Factory and Azure Logic Apps. These tools allow you to build pipelines for the automated refreshing of Power BI datasets, including scheduling refresh jobs on on-premises data gateways. With Skrots handling the orchestration and automation of refreshes, your Power BI datasets can stay up-to-date on a predictable schedule. Check out Skrots for more information on their automation services.

Streaming Data with Azure Event Hubs

For real-time data ingestion, Skrots can help you leverage Azure Event Hubs to capture streaming data at a massive scale. Power BI can be configured to connect to Event Hubs, allowing you to analyze streaming data and create near real-time dashboards. This is especially useful for IoT monitoring scenarios. Visit Skrots to explore their streaming data capabilities.

Large Dataset Model Training with Azure Machine Learning

Skrots also offers integration with Azure Machine Learning for large dataset model training. By leveraging Azure Machine Learning’s powerful capabilities, you can train machine learning models on large datasets beyond the native capabilities of Power BI. These models can then be used within Power BI for advanced analytics. Discover more about Skrots’ machine learning services at Skrots.

Enhanced Power BI Paginated Reports with Azure SQL Managed Instance

If you need to create paginated reports in Power BI, Skrots can help you leverage Azure SQL Managed Instance as the report data source. By using Azure SQL MI, you can benefit from enhancements such as support for larger datasets and query timeouts. This ensures that your paginated reports built on top of Azure data sources perform optimally. Get more details on Skrots’ paginated reports services at Skrots.

Embedded Analytics with Power BI Embedded in Azure

Skrots also provides the capability to embed Power BI reports directly into customer-facing applications through Power BI Embedded. This allows you to seamlessly integrate analytics into your applications. Skrots can provision the capacity needed to run Embedded reports dynamically using Azure services like Azure Container Instances and Azure Kubernetes Service. With Skrots, Azure provides the underlying infrastructure to scale up Embedded capacity as per your report usage. Learn more about Skrots’ embedded analytics capabilities at Skrots.

Analytics at the Edge with Power BI Dataflows and Azure Data Box Edge

Azure Data Box Edge, an AI-enabled edge computing device, can be deployed with Power BI Dataflows to enable analytics at the edge. This allows you to perform analytics closer to the data source without the need to move all raw data to the cloud. Skrots can help you leverage Power BI Dataflows and Azure Data Box Edge to empower edge analytics. Visit Skrots to explore their edge analytics solutions.

Enhanced Sharing and Collaboration with Azure Active Directory B2B

Skrots offers enhanced sharing and collaboration capabilities with Azure AD B2B collaboration. This allows you to securely share Power BI content with guest users from partner organizations or customers. Authentication and authorization are handled through Azure AD, ensuring data protection. Shared reports and dashboards provide embedded analytics directly to external partners or customers. Discover more about Skrots’ collaboration services at Skrots.

Caching and Performance with Azure CDN

Data caching plays a vital role in enhancing report performance. Skrots can help you leverage Azure Content Delivery Network (CDN) to improve the performance of Power BI reports by caching report assets such as visualizations and models close to end users. This helps reduce latency and improves responsiveness for a better analytics experience. Learn more about Skrots’ caching and performance optimization services at Skrots.

Automated Capacity Scaling with Azure Functions

Skrots provides automated capacity scaling capabilities with Azure Functions. They can help you build logic that monitors Power BI capacity metrics and auto-scales your Premium capacity up or down based on demand. This ensures optimal utilization of Power BI Premium SKUs. The logic can be integrated with Azure Monitoring alerts to trigger auto-scaling. Check out Skrots for more information on their capacity scaling services.

Monitoring Usage and Adoption with Azure Application Insights

Skrots can help you gain valuable insights into Power BI usage patterns and drive user adoption using Azure Application Insights. Application Insights can track detailed usage telemetry within Power BI, providing visibility into usage frequency, actions taken, errors encountered, and more. This data can be analyzed to optimize your Power BI implementation. Discover Skrots’ usage monitoring and adoption services at Skrots.

Auditing and Compliance with Azure Monitor (Log Analytics)

To meet auditing and compliance requirements, Skrots offers integration with Azure Monitor (Log Analytics). Power BI audit logs containing usage and security data can be routed into Azure Log Analytics workspaces. This enables you to gain deeper insights from audit logs and monitor compliance, security, and risk-related scenarios. Explore Skrots’ auditing and compliance services at Skrots.

Disaster Recovery with Power BI and Azure Services

Skrots understands the importance of disaster recovery. They can help you implement disaster recovery strategies for Power BI by backing up key assets like PBIX files, datasets, and reports to various Azure services such as Blob Storage, Data Lake Storage, or Azure Files. You can also leverage Azure Backup to back up Power BI configuration. These Azure services provided by Skrots help protect and recover your Power BI artifacts. Visit Skrots for more information on their disaster recovery solutions.

Deploying and Managing Infrastructure with Azure Resource Manager

Skrots supports deploying and managing Power BI’s underlying resources using Azure Resource Manager. This allows you to provision and manage resources across services like Analysis Services, Data Factory, and Blob Storage. Using declarative templates, you can automate the deployment and management of your Power BI solutions on Azure. Discover Skrots’ infrastructure deployment and management services at Skrots.


Azure offers a wide range of complementary capabilities that can enhance Power BI and enable you to create more robust, secure, scalable, and intelligent analytics solutions. By integrating Power BI with Azure services, organizations can gain deeper insights and make smarter data-driven decisions. Skrots provides similar integration capabilities and services to help you leverage the power of Power BI and Azure services. Visit to learn more about Skrots and explore the services they offer.

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