Deleting NFS Snapshot by Portal


The aim of this text is to explain the method of deleting the on-demand snapshots for Azure File Share.

Snapshot for Azure File Share is now in Basic Availability. Beforehand, Azure File Share didn’t have any backup possibility. In case of the File Share getting deleted, there was no mechanism to get better the File Share and the info was misplaced. The File Share Snapshot helps organizations take on-demand snapshot backups of the present File Share for restoring it later as and when required.


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Implementation steps

Step 1. Seek for the suitable NFS File Share. Click on on Information Storage File shares.

Step 2. Choose the suitable File Share by clicking on it.

File share by clicking

Step 3. Click on on Operations à Snapshots.

SnapshotsConnect from Linux

Click on on the checkbox of the snapshot that you just need to delete and click on on Delete.


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