Constructing Azure HTTP Set off Operate to Generate QR Codes from Put up Request Responses


Azure Features offers a serverless computing platform that means that you can construct, deploy, and scale functions seamlessly. On this tutorial, i’ll information you thru the method of making an Azure HTTP Set off Operate utilizing Node.js. The aim is to generate QR codes in response to POST requests.


  1. Azure Account: Guarantee you could have an lively Azure account. If you do not have one, you’ll be able to join a free account at Azure Portal.
  2. Azure Features Extension: Set up the Azure Features extension for Visual Studio Code. This extension offers instruments for creating, deploying, and managing Azure Features instantly out of your growth atmosphere.
  3. Node.js and npm: Set up Node.js and npm (Node Bundle Supervisor) in your machine. You possibly can obtain them from the official Node.js web site.
  4. Visual Studio Code: Set up Visual Studio Code or another most well-liked code editor. Visual Studio Code offers glorious help for Node.js growth and Azure Features.
  5. Azure Features SDK and QR Code Library: Set up the Azure Features SDK and the QR Code library by including the next dependencies to your mission.
    # Set up Azure Features SDK
    npm set up @azure/features
    # Set up QR Code library
    npm set up qrcode

Step 1. Setting Up the Venture Create a brand new Azure Features mission utilizing Visual Studio Code or your most well-liked growth atmosphere.

Initialize the mission with the mandatory configurations by creating the host.json and native.settings.json information. These information outline the runtime conduct and native settings in your operate.


  "model": "2.0",
  "logging": {
    "applicationInsights": {
      "samplingSettings": {
        "isEnabled": true,
        "excludedTypes": "Request"
  "extensionBundle": {
    "id": "Microsoft.Azure.Features.ExtensionBundle",
    "model": "[3.*, 4.0.0)"


  "IsEncrypted": false,
  "Values": {
    "AzureWebJobsFeatureFlags": "EnableWorkerIndexing"

Step 2. Implementing the HTTP Trigger Create a new JavaScript file, e.g., index.js, and define your HTTP trigger function. In this case, I created a function that generates a QR code from the request body.


const { app } = require("@azure/functions");
const qr = require("qrcode");

app.http("QR-Generation", {
  methods: ["POST"],
  authLevel: "nameless",
  handler: async (request, context) => {
    console.log("QR Code Technology operate processed a request.");
    const information = await request.textual content();
    const parsedData = JSON.parse(information);
    const requestText = parsedData.information;
    if (!requestText) {
      return {
        standing: 400,
        physique: "Please present information to be encoded within the QR code.",
    attempt {
      const qrCodeDataUrl = await qr.toDataURL(requestText);
      return {
        standing: 200,
        physique: qrCodeDataUrl,
        headers: {
          "Content material-Sort": "picture/png",
    } catch (error) {
      context.res = {
        standing: 500,
        physique: `Error producing QR code: ${error.message}`,

Step 3. Understanding the Code The HTTP set off operate takes a POST request with a JSON physique containing a ‘information’ area. It makes use of the ‘qr-code’ library to generate a QR code in PNG format and returns it because the response.

Step 4. Testing the Operate Domestically Run your operate regionally utilizing the Azure Features Core Instruments or the built-in Visual Studio Code debugger. Ship a POST request to your operate with a JSON physique containing the ‘information’ area to check the QR code era.

The code has been finalized. Please execute it by urgent F5.

Start by executing the operate, adopted by setting up a POST request for our endpoint.

QR- generation

Verify that the operate app has efficiently obtained and executed your POST request on the specified endpoint. As soon as executed, retrieve the picture URL response.


Please make the most of the HTML tag and insert the supply picture URL.

<img src=";base64,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" alt="QR-codeImage">


Congratulations! You’ve got efficiently crafted an Azure HTTP Set off Operate utilizing Node.js to generate QR codes in response to POST requests. Take the subsequent step by deploying this operate to Azure, making it accessible over the web, and seamlessly integrating it into your functions. Azure Features offers a robust, versatile, and scalable answer for serverless computing, permitting you to focus on crafting performance with out the burden of managing intricate infrastructure. Discover further Azure providers and options to boost and tailor your serverless options to fulfill your particular wants. You probably have any questions or insights to share, be happy to interact within the feedback part under. Joyful coding!

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